Medium Readings

Hello, My name is Sally Ann. 

I am a Psychic Medium and Principal of Shropshire's Psychic Institute based in Shrewsbury.

My clients come from all over the world for psychic readings, courses and workshops. For me, this is a labour of love knowing the help and peace of mind my readings have brought to so many people

I first started giving psychic medium readings at the age of 14, with Playing Cards and Oracle Cards. This progressed to using my mediumship abilities and Laying on of Hands.









In my 20's I went to The Joseph Carey Psychic Foundation, to learn how to control my abilities and give a professional level of readings.


I used to have a regular slot on Sky TV's Psychic Today Channel, (Channel 680 in the UK) when this was still broadcasting.

I love every moment of my spiritual journey and I am discovering more every day. I am keen to impart my vast knowledge through teaching others to discover theirs. This is the motivation behind founding the Shropshire's Psychic Institute


My private reading prices are £30 for a 30 minute card reading and £60 for an in-depth card and Clairvoyant reading.


Tarot Card Readings

What is a tarot card reading? In life, people often look to tarot card and clairvoyant readings to seek guidance with difficult decisions life throws up from time to time.

When Sally uses the tarot cards they reflect what Spirit is telling her, enabling the person to gain that extra dimension of perspective on their lives. From emotional problems to relationship advice a tarot reading, along with advice from Spirit, provides that special missing piece of life’s mysteries.

Psychic Development

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 As stated by law, all readings are for entertainment purposes and over 18's only. 

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