October birthstone Opal

Milk Opal - generally Common Opal, though the name is sometimes applied to milky-white Precious Opal, or cloudy Opal with a light background. Milk Opals were called the milk drops of the Mother Goddess in a number of cultures, and serve as special talismans of protection, nurturing and support. They soothe and clear the emotional body, and stimulate hope and optimism, boosting one’s joy and will to live. Milk Opals encourage one to be open-minded and accepting of oneself and others, aids communication efforts and enkindles companionship. They help create a warm, safe environment, and are ideal for those who care for babies, children, mothers in distress, or anyone who is vulnerable. In the workplace, Milk Opals are good for calming angry people, especially in areas of customer service, helpdesk or helplines. Octobers birthstone

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