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Playing Cards and their Meanings

I was always taught that when working with playing cards for readings, that I should "feel" the energies and go with what I felt as the message they are giving. I didn’t read any books on it and came to a way that works every time. My interpretation of the cards meanings is very different from the books written about them, which I have since read. So, here is an explanation of the basic meanings I have interpreted the cards to mean. Try it, is very accurate for me:

Card suits meanings:

Hearts - Love, loved ones and home

Spades - Money, work and life paths

Clubs - Friendships and colleagues

Diamonds - Your inner emotions and soul connections

Cards and their meanings:

King - An older man (over 30) significant in their influence on you

Queen - A lady significant in their influence on you

Jack - Children

10 - Indicates 2 areas of dispute/confusion

9 - Everything appears to be running smoothly like train tracks, but you are in the middle needing to take control of direction

8 - Great fun and joy

7 - Indicates one half of situation to be sorted/great and the second half to be still in dispute/upsetting you/angering. Depends on which way up card is as to whether you are are appearing sorted or angry to the rest of the world.

6 - Indicates everything running smoothly for you, like train tracks

5 - Indicates change needed, ending of old ways

4 - Indicates you have everything sorted into the 4 corners and feeling happy with situation. Also, the cornerstones of foundations of a good future

3 - Means balance

2 - Means everything sorted as you would want

Ace - Best card - In Spades means great fortune, in Hearts love of your life/wedding etc, in Diamonds indicates a Soul Mate, in Clubs means a Best friend.

Use the cards in whichever style you use to do readings and I guarantee they will make sense.

Must be new deck of cards and never used for games. Bless them as you would any other cards prior to use.

I also use them for Yes/No questions. I shuffle and then hold the pack in my hands face down asking the question and let my fingers "feel" which card has the answer.

I hope this answers your questions.

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