The Magpie as a Totem

Magpie Medicine/Totem for October 15th, 2020 "Let go of the old! Bring in the new!" ~ Magpie Magpie Meaning, and Messages In this case, the Magpie symbolism is reminding you that obsession with the material world will not nurture your spiritual path. In other words, the Magpie meaning indicates that only when we loudly follow our true calling in life by being all that we can be will we be able to find the fulfillment and satisfaction for which we are longing. Thus you must re-evaluate your priorities before you move too much further down the path you are currently on. Therefore it is essential to keep an open mind by allowing this bird’s magic to lead you. When you follow it’s guidance in matters of your spirit and true potential, you will find your peace. Like it’s cousin the Jay, when Magpie symbolism flies into your life, get ready because you are about to embark into the world of opportunity. Magpie Totem, Spirit Animal People with Magpie totem believe in taking risks. They will also often be on the front lines of any endeavor or task. These folks forcefully defend their right to give life a shot. No matter what the risks, and no matter what others believe, they push through. Folks with this spirit animal totem know when to swoop and fight and when the timing is right. They also know when to stop and contemplate what is on offer. Very much like the Leopard, people with this power animal are fearless in the face of adversity. Additional Associations for Magpie * Balance * Communication * Creativity * Darkness * Deception * Expression * Familiar * Flashy * Illusion * Intelligence * Knowledge * Language * Light * Luck * Messages * Occult * Opportunity * Perceptive * Prophecy * Refined * Ritual * Sight * Social * Voice * Willfulness Source~ 🌀Nicole Sacred Wild Woman Medicine

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