Psychic Development from Beginners to Professional Level

6 classes of three modules each, to take you from beginner through to professional level with all psychic abilities. 

Lessons include:

Meditation to link with Spirit and Animal Guides.

Mediumship Stage 1

Remote viewing/Out of body flying and how to control it.

How to view Auras and their meanings. ​

This course can also be done on an individual basis. Please contact me for details and price. 

£18.00 per class. (*Class one compulsory)

Basics of Chinese Astrology

Come and learn about the ancient form of Chinese Astrology and how to create a basic report for a person. 

Level 1 certificate. 


Psychic Development and Mediumship Course

- 2 Days

Learn the tools required to develop you psychic and mediumship ability. You will learn techniques to see and read auras. How to meet and work with your spirit guides and work with tools, such as cards and crystal balls etc. Discover ways to enhance your third eye and expand your psychic awareness and senses. You will learn how to perform a professional psychic reading for others, including many more skills. 


Laying of Hands & Psychic Surgery - Level 1 - 2 Days

A 2 day course learning how this ancient way of healing works and heals. Connecting you with the heavenly plane in order to request healing on a spiritual surgery level.

Level 1 Certificate. 


Advanced Healing/Laying of Hands with Animals & Psychic Surgery - Level 2 - 2 Days

A specific course to enhance your healing abilities to the level of linking with animals and learning how to discover what ailments they may have in order to heal them with Psychic Surgery methods. 

Level 2 Animal Psychic Surgery Certificate.  


Two Day Flower Psychometry Reading Course

Part 1

The language of flowers - Past wisdom - future health, flowermancy, evolving towards simplicity, spiritual evolution, flower emblems of the world, inter-species communication, flowers of self-reflection. How your flower reflection can heal your life, energy medicine, the entire centres of the body, flower essence therapy, healing with flowers. 

Part 2

Finding your flower, tuning into the natural world, contacting the Deva of the flower, finding your flower using colour photographs and drawings. Decoding the energy patterns, giving a flower reading, understanding energy patterns in relation to your inner state. Flower families and their central themes. Habitat - a key to your present circumstances, how your flower mimics your body language. Shape - the key to your state of mind, the energy of number and Insect energy. 

Part 3

The healing power of your flower, transformative energy. Spirals, flowers and mandalas. Colour, texture - the key to the way healing takes place. Aroma, preserving flower energy. Flower ceremonies, flowers as meditation aids. Creating a healing essence from your flower, taking flower essences. Healing themes of different flower essences of the world. Flowers linked to the five natural elements and four case studies of flower readings.

Part 4

Healing the planet. Network of light energy. The ladder of ascent, flower colours in relation to your life's work. Flowers as an aid to evolution, our crystalline planet. Healing for the new era, the spiritual renaissance and flower reading chart. 



Level 1 Feng Shui - 2 Day Course

Part 1 

Learning the meaning of colours and how they affect life, moods, health, ability to love, positive energy, negative energy, raising vibrations, money/wealth and more.

Part 2

Learning how the placement of colour in a room can alter the direction that the colour represents to you in your life. 

Part 3

Learning how each part of your home represents a different aspect and how to arrange it and with which colours to uplift your life. 

Part 4

Learning how the placement of the five elements of Water, Fire, Wood, Earth and Air within your home can affect your life. Water being the energy of finance and wealth etc.