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Weekend Crystals Workshop

Whether you're just entering the world of crystals for the first time, or looking to expand or refresh your knowledge, my weekend crystal workshop is for you. You will learn how to choose a crystal, cleanse it and charge it. You will learn their meanings and benefits including how to connect to their energy and use in meditations and healing practices. By the end of my workshop you will know how to create crystal elixirs and balance your chakras and those of others, including much more. 



Start Your Psychic Business - 1 Day Workshop

Everything you need to know about starting your own psychic business in a one day workshop for advanced students. 


Psychic Self-Defence - 1 Day Workshop

Learn how to defend yourself when working psychically.


Dowsing with Pendulums & Maps - 1 Day Workshop

Learn how to dowse with crystals and your own body, how to link into your own earth connected energies in order to search for people, animals and things using maps. 


How to Read Playing Cards - 1/2 Day Workshop

Learning how to read Playing Cards is a great way to begin your journey to card reading. Learn the meanings of each card and how to link to them intuitively. You will learn how to use them in various ways to give a professional standard of reading.



How to Read Tea Leaves - 1/2 Day Workshop

Learn the old way ritual of reading tea in its entirety, as there is a very correct way for it to be done. How to read the symbols the tea is showing you and what they mean. The background to this ritual is truly fascinating to learn about.


Card Reading Level 2 - 1 Day Workshop

Learn how to combine different packs to enrich your card readings. Whether you use Tarot, Oracle or Playing Cards, you will learn the skills to take your readings to the next level, therefore, giving your clients and rich and meaningful experience. 

Intermediate/Level 2 Card Reading Certificate


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